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Questions From A Lurker

(Some people just do their aquariums "differently". Please don't laugh)

1)   Jobes plant sticks -  I have been using the PLANT food as opposed
to the AQUATIC sticks which are high phosphate (which I assumed would be
good for water lilies but would make tank algae bloom nicely).  Is this

2) Why do plant generally do poorly with undergravel filters (Anyone
have a theory)?

3) I operate a 135 gallon with power head-driven undergravel plate which
spans 1/3 of the bottom.  I plant on the other two thirds.  I generally
start my plants outdoors and transplant the plant along with the
mud/gravel root system directly into my tan, covering the mud with
gravel to avoid a mess.  I get at least one year runs with giant val,
amazons, anubas nana, etc.  (When I tried this without the mud, the
plants would yellow out after 2-4 months.  My lighting is 4 48" Chroma
50's over the planted 2/3 of the tank.  FYI, my nitrates are always less
than 5 ppm and the water is crystal clear (I have a large outside filter
which takes out the mud released during planting or during my large
cichlid digging forays.).

4) Are people who are replacing > 25% of the tanks water weekly also
adding back trace minerals at the same time?

5) What is a rule of thumb for CO2 yeast bottles  - how many gallons per
bottle?  I use a 2 liter pop bottle hooked into the discharge of my
power head, but I suspect this is way too little for a 135 gallon..
Perhaps I should manifold additional bottles together.

6) Living with Plecos - I have 3 large (>14") plecos in my planted 135
gallon.   Getting rid of them is not an option since my kids and wife
are very fond of them.  They tend to shred the amazon leaves -  anyone
have an idea on how to appease them so they will leave the amzons