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East, West & Olga


I have spoken to John Chalmers from `Hobby Fish` on MANY occasions. I
understand that his son ? Johnathan more or less looks after the business in
the UK now. I was told a few years back, from a very reputable source, that
Johnathan was the leading planted tank specialist in the UK.

I don`t doubt this, but, in my opinion we are so far behind with regard to
planted tanks in the UK he probably only has half the knowledge of George
Booth (whom I personally admire greatly).

When I last spoke to John, they still did not have any, what I call, decent
lights for a deepish tank. I was thinking along the lines of 5500-6500K
Metal Halide lighting. He did have some Mercury Vapour pendant lights in
stock around 125Watt 4300K which is what I use - boy, I wish we had decent
metal halides at sensible prices in the UK.

John is however a very interesting guy and could `talk the hind legs off a

Thats all for now from a very lonely (from a planted tank enthusiast point
of view) Brit !

Hey don't feel left out. England has an East and West too... they are just
so close together! <g> I'm a misplaced Brit so I'm allowed to say that. I
was born in Croydon, Surrey and I *love* England...wish I could afford to
live there. Do you ever go to "Hobbyfish Farm"? John Chalmers, the owner,
was on an Amazon trip with me and several other folks on this list.
Interesting character. He's supposed to have a good shop.

in Vancouver... come on over for a visit.

Andy Moore  -  (andy at ascot_u-net.com)
Poulton-le-Fylde, Nr Blackpool
Lancashire. GB

Treasurer/BBb Tuba Player Poulton-le-Fylde Brass Band
and Aquatic Plant/Discus collector