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Re: java moss

> Date: Wed, 7 Jul 1999 16:45:03 -0400
> From: "Jamie Johnson" <jjohnson at davisfloyd_com>
> Subject: Re: java moss
> three tanks. Two of them have no CO2. Of those, one is hardly lit,
> with 0.75 W/gal. That's the one it goes nuts in. NUTS!! is more like
> it. There's about 25ppm NO3, 0.25ppm PO4, 6 GH, 1 KH, no
> PMDD, and a plain 5 yr/old gravel bed. It grows long, stringy pieces
> and roots to everything it touchs. My fish are constantly pulling
> pieces free and they get caugh up in my intake. Sometimes I pull
> out a small handful a day. It never stops. In the *real* planted tanks
> (the other two), it grows at a steady rate, but not as fast as the
> NUTS tank. I've given away about all my reserves in the last month
> or two. Sorry. But, if you do get any, I find the low tech method
> does best.

I don't have any extra java moss, because I make sure to pull it out if I
see it.  I have noticed that it prefers one of my tanks over the other. 
Sorry, I only have two tanks, so I can't give you a good sampling of
conditions.  This tank always has some measurable nitrate and a high PH
(7.3), the water is hard, and it has three Perfecto lights over a 29G.  I
have started DIY CO2 in this tank, but it is too soon to say its impact on
the Java Moss growth.  I am hoping to leach more nutrients out of the
water, so that it has less to grow with.  I would imagine that it would
appreciate nutrients that are available in the water column.  That may be
why Jamie has noticed that a low tech/low light tank did better.  I am not
getting handfuls every day, but maybe a handful every week.  Then again, if
I let it get a handhold (moss-hold?), it would probably multiply
exponentially.  In my high growth tank, my plants are pulling nutrients out
of the water.  One other thing to add that may encourage growth, is
current.  I have noticed that my Java Moss seems to like where there is
current, especially when it could attach to my Mayaca.  

I think that the Java Moss would not have been so agravating to me, if I
hadn't had the output of my filter and powerhead blowing it into every
small leaved plant in my tank.  Without the movement of water seeding every
inch of my tank, it would have probably stayed in place better.

Jennifer Glover 
(in a hot, muggy Waldorf,MD where the heat wave shows some signs of letting
up in a few days)