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Re: Aquascaping

We have been "aquascaping" ever since we started keeping plants. We're not
into the formal garden look of Dutch tanks and, even though we appreciate
the fine art of Amano, we don't want to be manicuruing the tank every day.

We like a lot of different plants for interest (contrasting colors, shapes
and textures). Our tanks are very dynamic - the plants grow very fast and
we do maintenance every two weeks. Sometimes we just trim, sometimes we
alter the arrangement. They are ever changing. 

I have just updated my website with the text and the first 11 slides of a
seminar we have presented around Colorado. It discusses our views of
aquascaping, delves into planted tank basics, discusses aquascaping
concepts and shows what plants are good for what purpose. 

Check it out. 

George Booth, Ft. Collins, Colorado (booth at frii_com)
  NEW! On-line Aquascping seminar. More to come! WOW!