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DI Resin Recharge


>Just in case you did not know, there is a very affordable DI system that
>you can us for your aquariums.  American Pharma. makes the mixed bed DI
>resin systems (called 'The Tap Water Purifier',  TWP) that are suppose to
>be a one use cartridge system.  Someone has come up with a procedure to
>recharge these resins.  Here are the directions:

Thanks for the info!  I have been lurking on this list for a
month or so but had to speak up after your post.  I currently
have a 29 gallon plastic plant tank (hanging head in shame) but
will be setting up a larger planted tank in 6 months or so.  I
am currently using the TWP and was disappointed with cartridge
lifetime when used on my hard tap water.  I just spent my first
cartridge and I only got 30 gallons of DI water from it.  I was
considering scraping the unit for a RO unit when I set up the
larger plant tank but think I will re-read the articles below
once or twice and give recharging a try.

Thanks again. :-)

Tom Ambrosio
tambrosi at dynasty_net