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Re: Aquascaping competitions in North America

> James Purchase wrote:
> There IS a way that the situation could be improved however, and one which
> would make the "distance" factor immaterial. The Aquatic Gardeners
> Association has a website and it would be quite simple to announce a
> competition and request submissions of photographs of people's favourite
> aquascapes. The photos could be judged by a panel of people from the AGA and
> the winning submissions could be posted on the AGA website and published in
> the Journal. Now, before Karen tells me that the AGA is a volunteer
> organization and has only limited resources - I'd like to volunteer to help
> in any way I can. I have been in the AGA for two years and haven't seen the
> "membership" as a whole asked to do much of anything. This might be a way to
> get everyone involved.

I think it's a great idea James just two suggestions:
1. Since the AGA and the APD are international it would be great to include everyone who wishes to participate and/or collaborate
2. For the education of everyone it would be useful to publish all the submissions and a little description and plan of the aquarium layout and plants contained
If there is something I could help count me in.
Lima, Peru