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Two kinds of algae

 "Stuart Mcclure" wrote:
>Subject: algea again!!!
>is it normal to have 2 types of algea in the one tank i have green hair
>algea and brown hard to get off yukky algea as well

Stuart.... you only have *two* types of algae! Gee...you must be doing
something right! <g> Seriously... having two types of algae is not unusual.
There are all sorts of reasons to get it and all sorts of ways to combat
it. I suggest reading the archives... see the end of the digest for how to
get to them. This question has been answered/covered/discussed many, many
times. BTW, I'm not trying to be mean. This will save a lot of back and
forth questions and answers for you [and us].

in Vancouver about to count my algae types