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Re: aquascape competition

>>SFAS does have annual home show competition in various classes and video entries, too. If we could
set a standard size, like 10G, it would be more influence on the public and the local shops if we did
it in a single busy place, annually or even

Except that you have to live within a 30 mile radius of San Francisco, and be a member.
They didnt say anything about video submissions to me. But just last month they told me that they
discontinued the competition. I think James idea of an AGA photo contest would be great for the
internet community, could be world wide, great PR for the AGA, and a lot of fun!  Havnt they done
that before? Only problem with that is you have to be a good photographer as well as a good
aquascaper!! The judgement should be based on several pictures showing different viewing angles.

Robert Paul H.