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Re: DI Resins

Hi Michael,

The Tap Water Purifier (TWP) is used to prepare very pure water for our
aquariums.  It is a mixed bed Deionization resin cartridge that strips the
water of many many elements, producing >18 ms water, KH 0 and GH 0.  For
freshwater aquarium use, you should add in some trace elements to make the
appropriate hardness level for your fish & plants.  I don't really use it
for my freshwater tanks (because my water is quite good, in fact I have to
add trace elements to it) but I use it for my marine aquariums (where
phospates & silicates can be a problem).  I thought that people who have
hard water might try this product because it is rechargable & produces no
waste water (where that can be an issue), like RO units.  I hope this helps.

Victor Eng					Vancouver, Brtiish Columbia, Canada
engfam at axion_net