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Re: java moss

David comments on the beautiful WEED:
> From: boukmn at mindspring_com
> Subject: RE:Java weeds!? GIMME SOME!! 
> Third:What are your tank conditions that allow you to grow this glorious
> moss in such abundance?  
David, I've found it defies most plant growing conditions. I have it in 
three tanks. Two of them have no CO2. Of those, one is hardly lit, 
with 0.75 W/gal. That's the one it goes nuts in. NUTS!! is more like 
it. There's about 25ppm NO3, 0.25ppm PO4, 6 GH, 1 KH, no 
PMDD, and a plain 5 yr/old gravel bed. It grows long, stringy pieces 
and roots to everything it touchs. My fish are constantly pulling 
pieces free and they get caugh up in my intake. Sometimes I pull 
out a small handful a day. It never stops. In the *real* planted tanks 
(the other two), it grows at a steady rate, but not as fast as the 
NUTS tank. I've given away about all my reserves in the last month 
or two. Sorry. But, if you do get any, I find the low tech method 
does best.


Jamie Johnson
Greenwood, SC
jjohnson at davisfloyd_com
jjirons at greenwood_net  (home)