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Re: Aquascaping competitions in North America

On Wed, 7 Jul 1999, James Purchase wrote:

> There IS a way that the situation could be improved however, and one which
> would make the "distance" factor immaterial. The Aquatic Gardeners
> Association has a website and it would be quite simple to announce a
> competition and request submissions of photographs of people's favourite
> aquascapes. The photos could be judged by a panel of people from the AGA and
> the winning submissions could be posted on the AGA website and published in
> the Journal. Now, before Karen tells me that the AGA is a volunteer
> organization and has only limited resources - I'd like to volunteer to help
> in any way I can. I have been in the AGA for two years and haven't seen the
> "membership" as a whole asked to do much of anything. This might be a way to
> get everyone involved.
> So, Karen, Neil, what do you think???

Hi James,

I'm not either Karen or Neil (or Dorothy, Bob, Merrill, Paul or Jack for
that matter!), but I do run the website for the AGA & would be happy to
help you facilitate such a contest.  I think Neil's not on the APD right
now, and I'm not sure if Karen's lurking or off entirely. :)  I will
forward your message to the aga management committee; maybe it will stir
up some attention.  I'm pretty sure the response from everyone would be
"great! go for it!" Just the ability to stir up new photos and
mini-articles for TAG would be nice.  Shoot, if the AGA didn't want to do
it, I'd even host such a contest on the Krib for you.

One caveat: You may find yourself having to be a bit of a "whip" to get
people to enter; locally, for instance, most of the people in the Seattle
club don't like to show off their tanks or enter photo contests... and
this would be both.  Perhaps some people in particular cities could
volunteer to take photos if others are a bit squeamish about it (I don't
mind going around Seattle with my cameras, for instance).  

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com