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RE:Java weeds!? GIMME SOME!!

>From: "Thomas Barr" <tcbiii at pacbell_net>
>Subject: RE:Vile weeds
>I have to agree with Jennifer on the Java moss being a weed. The sinking
>Riccia is my personal bane, getting into all my Glossostigma, chainswords
>and all fine needled plants. I'd trade the moss for this stuff anyday. I
>would have to recommend placing this plant on the ones to avoid list for
>plant folks unless a specialist and even then.................

I am as jealous as I am in agony every time I hear someone on this
"Javileweed" thread dream up a new way to destroy this awesome plant. Four

First:		I want you, Jennifer and the rest of the "Javileweed" crowd to quit
dissing this plant! :) It is gorgeous! I have been trying for months to
grow enough of this stuff to cover some "Amanowood" but it takes soo long
to grow! Just when I was getting some growth, I reaped several plants and
the subsequent change in water conditions caused a BBA outbreak on only one
plant...the Java moss. A total loss!

Second:	I am willing to trade some of my best exotic "Tropicaswords" (E.
ozelot, E. oriental, E. rose, E. ruby) plus Red or Green "Tiger Lotus"
plants plus enough dwarf sagittaria to cover a 20 gal long to anyone who
can come up with 50g of "Javileweed" or RICCIA.  The amount is negotiable. 

Third:		What are your tank conditions that allow you to grow this glorious
moss in such abundance?  

Fourth:	What does the "Javileweed" crowd feel about willow moss? Something
tells me you may not regard it as a "major bane".

~David Boukmn.