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Re: Pumce

Alfred writes:

>  I have a question in regards to what form the pumice that you intend to use
>  is in?  What type of effect does it have on the water?  How does it help
>  plants?

The pumice in question is in the gravel form.  It is a sort of natural 
sintered glass, and tends to float until it gets wet.  It is neutral to the 
water, affecting neither pH, GH, KH, nor conductivity.  IT helps plants in 
that it is very porous and is rumoured to have some small available CEC, 
though I don't know whether this is true.  It does provide a very 
light-weight substraight for the plants to run their roots through, and works 
as well as any other gravel substrate for providing the base for lateritic, 
litty litter, and other types of clay additives.  Why Amano chose it, I'm not 
sure, but I can use it if he can.  If I were running a UGF, I think it would 
be great, because it would be great as a bio-filter medium.  I suspect it 
would out-perform all those plastic balls by about a 5:1 ratio.