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Yeast CO2 production during a heat wave

This is just an observation in passing....

I have two 15 gallon planted tanks which still use Yeast method CO2 fed into
the intake stem of AquaClear filters. The individual yeast bottles have been
on the tank for at least a month and were slowing down considerably in the
amount of CO2 gas that they were producting. UNTIL last weekend, when a heat
wave hit Toronto. The temperature skyrocketed and so did the amount of gas
coming out of the two Coke bottles. Instead of a spurt of bubbles every
thirty seconds or so, the gas has been flowing in an almost steady stream
(while I sit and sweat in the heat). Has anyone else noted this during
periods of elevated temperature? Might be an idea to inclose the bottles in
enclosures with some form of supplemental heating to keep the gas flowing
for as long as possible.

James Purchase