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Aquascaping competitions in North America

There has been a flurry of talk recently on the state of aquascaping in
North America vs Europe and Japan. It seems that the Dutch in particular,
along with the Germans, have a long history of organized competitions for
the best looking aquascape. One reason (perhaps) that this has never
happened in North America is I suppose the sheer physical size of the three
countries which occupy the continent. A European can go for a Sunday drive
and pass through multiple national borders - I could drive for days without
ever leaving the province of Ontario.

There IS a way that the situation could be improved however, and one which
would make the "distance" factor immaterial. The Aquatic Gardeners
Association has a website and it would be quite simple to announce a
competition and request submissions of photographs of people's favourite
aquascapes. The photos could be judged by a panel of people from the AGA and
the winning submissions could be posted on the AGA website and published in
the Journal. Now, before Karen tells me that the AGA is a volunteer
organization and has only limited resources - I'd like to volunteer to help
in any way I can. I have been in the AGA for two years and haven't seen the
"membership" as a whole asked to do much of anything. This might be a way to
get everyone involved.

So, Karen, Neil, what do you think???

James Purchase