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Yoshino and Kobayashi aquascaping book

Several people have asked me for details about a book I referred to a few
days ago. The book I was referring to is "The Natural Aquarium" (subtitle -
How to Imitate Nature in Your Home), published in 1993 by TFH. It's TFH # is
TS-195 and ISBN 0-86622-629-X. The book, authored by Satoshi Yoshino and
Doshin Kobayashi, was originally published in Japanese as "Aquatic Scene",
and translated into German as well. the English edition that I have was
"updated" by Dr. Axelrod and is printed using the special "glossy" images
that TFH does so well on their pricier books (although it wasn't expensive -
I only paid $29.95 Cdn. for my copy several years ago).

The book presents habitat tanks for Central and South America, Southeast
Asia, and East and West Africa. they provide full set-up details, from the
selection of the tank (size and proportion to match the aquascape),
substrate and plants, and appropriate fish species. While the results are
still "gardens" as opposed to true "biotope" tanks, they are firmly based
upon what (supposedly) you would find in each type of location. The set-ups,
while perhaps not as esoteric as Amano's highly stylized layouts, look like
they could last for longer than the time it takes to set up a view camera.

James Purchase