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When West is East - not

With all the ramblings on about East & West, you would think that there are
only Americans & Canadians on this list - I feel in a definite minority !
(am I supposed to put a Smiley here ? drat - I forgot it)

Bob Dixon wrote:
>Subject: Re: This is the West

>I'm in Idaho.

Are you a native? It's interesting that you think of Idaho as "west". When
I moved from Ontario to B.C. I was annoyed by folks here saying I was from
the "east". The Maritimes were "east". Now that I have lived here 27 years
I too think of Ontario as "east". Heck... even Alberta is "east". <g>

>Los Angeles and San Diego are also "west", and their water problems are
>serious than ours.

No kidding! They are a drain on *everybody's* water. There are folks here
who are afraid that one day they will get ours! Not that I don't like the
people there (my cousin lives in LA). Just wish they had more of their own

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