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Re: Aquascaping/TFH

Stéphane ANDRE wrote:

> Robert H <robertph at best_com>,
> I just looked on www.tfh.com and found a book of A van den Nieuwenhuizen called Aquarium
> beautiful
> ISBN 793802024
> Nov 96
> Is it the one you were speaking about (Aquarium quarterly)?

Sounds like it. On the cover it says, "A complete Book in magazine form"
"Aquarium Quarterly" "Beautiful Aquaria" 96? (considering its TFH, that doesnt surprise
me...) didnt know it was that old! I found it on a magazine rack at a local pet store.Might
be the same , might be different, but it is something I would still want!! These issues are
not dated, nor do they have a volume# or ISBN that I can find.

Robert Paul H.