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Re: aquascaping competitions

>>First of all I am
French. Last year I was student and
decided to make a 6 months training period in Holland in order to learn more about the
fascinating Dutch aquarium. After this
training, my boss employed me. So I am still in Holland, working in a firm, which produce
aquarium plant in pot and rockwool.
During my training period, I visited (at night) more than 20 selected aquarists (all in good
position in competitions) and made a study from it (description of aquarium, plants,
criteria of competition) in French language. Now, I continue to visit aquarists, make
pictures, draw the map, ask information and follow the competitions. It is very interesting
and now, I admire even more the Dutch aquarists for their very special skill.
By the way, Mr. Nieuwenhuizen often finishes in good position in competition. But his method
is not the only Dutch one.<<

Wow, I have heard about these competitions. This is the difference between Dutch and
Americans. We hold no such contests, nor is there anywhere in this country where you can
"study" aquascaping. I wish pictures of these competitions were on the internet.

Robert Paul H.