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Robert H <robertph at best_com>,

I just looked on www.tfh.com and found a book of A van den Nieuwenhuizen called Aquarium
ISBN 793802024
Nov 96
Is it the one you were speaking about (Aquarium quarterly)?

James Purchase" <jpurch at interlog_com> wrote:

>Amano, at least in my opinion, produces some of the most beautiful
>aquascapes I have ever seen. The ones in Yoshino and Kobayashi's book
>(beautifully reproduced by TFH by the way) are also very nice, but are much
>more realistic, at least to my eye, than Amano's. Y&K take natural
>aquascapes as their source, and work from there.

I cannot find Yoshino and Kobayashi's book on www.tfh.com.
Can you help me (exact name, ISDN...)?

The Netherlands