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James writes:
>My fear is that the aluminium might be released from the clay matrix and
>be absorbed by the roots of the plants in sufficient amounts to cause
>problems. I don't know if this would happen, but it might.

Being a geologist in training I know quite a bit about aliumnio-silicates.
clays are heavily weatherd products of other slilcate minerals.  the
aluminium is tightly bound in the frame works of the clay as is the
silica.  the other ions such as Na, K, Fe, Mg, Mn, Ca, ect. are all
sitting in the spaces between the silica or al tetrahedra.  these ions are
weakly bonded to the rest of the framework and thus can be leached easily.
the Al in the framework is really hard to breakdown.  it does happen but
not in suficinet quanities to affect the tank


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