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RO and water waste

At 03:48 AM 7/6/99 -0400, Bob Dixon wrote:
>We don't take 
>water lightly, and even people with "bottomless" wells are reluctant to use 
>R/O with its discharge losses.  De-ionizing is a better option, and as soon 
>as I manage to go from a lease to a mortgage, I will be looking into it.

Bob is right on about this, but you need to take all issues into account.
Basically it goes like this:

You get to pick a number, N, from one or two values offered by your RO
machine maker.  Usually N is between 3 and 8.  For every gallon of RO water
produced, N gallons of waste will be created.  The waste will be just like
the tap water, but slightly more concentrated in Ca, Mg, Cl, Na, etc.   How
slightly?   That depends on N.  For N=3, it has about 1.33 times the normal
solutes.   For N=8, it has about 1.12 times the normal solutes.   So some
more, but not a lot more.   If your tap water can be used for irrigation,
toilets, showers, swimming pool, etc.  odds are your waste water can too.
It is potable if your system is properly maintained, but if you have a LOT
of junk in your water you maybe should be drinking RO instead.    For even
more info, see:


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