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When West is East

Bob Dixon wrote:
>Subject: Re: This is the West

>I'm in Idaho.

Are you a native? It's interesting that you think of Idaho as "west". When
I moved from Ontario to B.C. I was annoyed by folks here saying I was from
the "east". The Maritimes were "east". Now that I have lived here 27 years
I too think of Ontario as "east". Heck... even Alberta is "east". <g>

>Los Angeles and San Diego are also "west", and their water problems are more
>serious than ours.

No kidding! They are a drain on *everybody's* water. There are folks here
who are afraid that one day they will get ours! Not that I don't like the
people there (my cousin lives in LA). Just wish they had more of their own

in nice damp but not humid Vancouver where we are actually getting summer now.
Sorry to be off topic... just feel chatty.