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Re: Turtles Mating

dc writes:

> I have three small turtles in an aquarium. I witnesed two of them
>  mating.Will this be productive?  I would like to know if there is any
>  special setup would be better for the little ones. (I didnt think they
>  would even try to breed in this type of captivity).

There may be a few exceptions, but generally, the female has to be able to 
get out of the water and dig a hole in the mud to bury the eggs.  Even sea 
turtles do this, and it is all but imossible for them to get around on the 
land.  The eggs will drown if submerged.  If your tank doesn't allow for 
this, you will need to set up a vivarium really, really fast, with a place 
for the eggs to get buried.

Bob Dixon