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Re: This is the West

In a message dated 7/5/1999 1:50:41 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

> Hey.. qualify that "West". Vancouver is about as "west" as you can get
>  without a ferry ride and we don't have to skimp on water here. Where
>  exactly is this "west"... Miami??... west???

I'm in Idaho.  We have nearly 20% of the lawyers in our state specializing in 
Water Rights Law.  For a while before, the tree-huggers came into power, we 
were constantly fending off bids by Arizona to divert the Snake River to send 
it south.  It's semi-arid here, and even drier in places like Nevada.  The 
Northern west coast is a rain forest.  Portland gets all the moisture that 
would land here, except the Cascades block the clouds and hold them along the 
coast.  Water here is not taken lightly.  The idea of breaching the lower 
Snake River dams for the Salmon has its merits, but also will mean a 
reduction of available water for irrigation in that area.  We don't take 
water lightly, and even people with "bottomless" wells are reluctant to use 
R/O with its discharge losses.  De-ionizing is a better option, and as soon 
as I manage to go from a lease to a mortgage, I will be looking into it.

Los Angeles and San Diego are also "west", and their water problems are more 
serious than ours.

Bob Dixon