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Re:Java Moss tied to driftwood

I ended up leaving them in the tank, and they never touched 
anything else.  Its been about 8 months now, and not one 
bit of the java moss has surfaced.

>>I would like to discourage your use of java moss.  I put 
>>some in my tanks, and it pretty much took over.  No 
>>matter what I did, it always came back.  It grew on 
>>everything and choked out other plants.  I finally was 
>>able to get rid of it unexpectedly.  I moved a couple of 
>>6" bala sharks from another tank into it temporarily, 
>>and in under a week, it was completely gone, and the 
>>bala sharks were fatter.
>I agree... I am still trying to get rid of mine. Did the bala sharks eat
>anything other than the java moss???