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IDMiamiBob at aol_com wrote:
>Subject: Re: Substrate idea and water quality questions

<snip all sorts of stuff that sounds a teeny bit belligerent>

>Which is part of the reason I don't want to strip this stuff out.  The other
>part is that I am renting a very small duplex and sharing it with my four
>kids.  There really isn't a lot of room for dealing with such a set-up.  And
>if I can avoid the waste-water issue, all the better.  This is the West, not
>the Great Lakes Drainage, and water out here is precious.

Hey... qualify that "West". Vancouver is about as "west" as you can get
without a ferry ride and we don't have to skimp on water here. Where
exactly is this "west"... Miami??... west???

>> Perhaps one of the folks who took the Amazon
>>  Trip could report (on true aquatics, not on submerged terresterial plants).

As we went at high water season this isn't easy to determine. Plants
underwater could have been plants out of water at low water season. The Rio
Negro was deep and dark. One couldn't see to the bottom to see if plants
were growing there... I suspect not.

in Vancouver... the real "West" (without the guns)