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Hello all,
a few months back (i believe) there was a thread about the various types of 
algae and the nutrient excesses or deficiencies that were believed to cause 
their occurrence.
I've searched the archives and can't seem to find the information i am 
looking for.
i have always had bba to a small extent on the wood in my tank.  Sometimes 
it gets on the leaves.  Well, it's gotten quite fond of th sword, crypt, adn 
java fern in my tanks lately and I'd like to push it back a little.
Does anyone know what type of nutrient overabundance leads to bba?
What conditions in particular might diminish it's existence.  I am hoping to 
get some SAE's this month to help, but I thought I could solve the problem 
before I attempted to cover it up first.
Any information would be appreciated

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