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plant id

Hope everyone has enjoyed their holiday!
I'm setting up a new 55 galln this month

(with TexBlast btw, if anyone in OKC wants it, it's at Pets Plus on S. 
Western.  If anyone outside OK wants to get their LFS to order it, its 
available wholesale from Oklahoma Aquatics 405-681-5656)
I remember seeing a while back a tread about this and thought some of you 
might be interested.

now onto my question.  on page 19 of Linke and Staeck's Dwarf Cichlids 
handbook for their id, care, adn breeding, there is a picture of a planed 
tank.  Just to the right of center behind an Echinodorous species there is a 
dark red plant.  The caption lists Alternathera reineckii among the plants.
if any of you have this book and can identify that plant, is it A. 
reineckii?  If so, mine have never looked "that" red.  I am just curious.  
If it's another plant I want it!
Joe Anderson

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