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Re: Aquascaping American-style

Roger Miller asks:

> Is there a uniquely American style - some body of work that represents
> something unique in American (or any new world, for that matter)
> aquascaping?  If so, what are its major elements and who provides the best
> examples?

This very question was brought up on a message board. I suggest 
that the most uniquely American aquascape is the "West Virginia 
Acid Mine Drainage" biotope. (Sorry, any wv'ers, beautiful state but 
streams are in bad shape.) Broken glass, tires, beer bottles, 
rusting car segments, ancient appliances, rocks turned orange 
from acid drainage. No fish--this is a sterile environment due to low 
pH. Very easy maintenance. To be truly authentic, add periodic 
doses of chicken manure (from high-density poultry farm runoff) to 
increase algal blooms and reduce oxygen content. Sure to be the 
talk of the local aquarium club!

Cathy Hartland (who has kayaked in too many streams like this)