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While mowing the lawn just now I found myself contemplating aquascaping -
the artistic part of our hobby.

We've long had "dutch-style" aquariums which seem to feature prominantly
dense plantings teired very formally from low in front to high at the back
and sides.  Is there much more to the style than that?  Who best describes
the techniques?

More recently we have the Japanese style best illustrated by Amano's
tanks, but also shown in Yoshino and Kobayashi's "The Natural Aquarium".
The principle elements I see in the Japanese style are the assymetry,
"3-dimensionality" and vertical relief in the substrate -- all with the
overriding intent to present something that appears "natural".  Are there
important elements there that I've entirely missed out on?

Is there a uniquely American style - some body of work that represents
something unique in American (or any new world, for that matter)
aquascaping?  If so, what are its major elements and who provides the best

Roger Miller