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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1128

> And on CO2, he is not yet a believer...
> > There was a CO2 thread a little bit back; I dont inject co2. I have found
> > the trouble of brewing co2 and constant worries of bottles tipping over,

I believe I NEED CO2 in my 29g tank.  The pH jumps way up during the
day, and goes down (where I want it) at night. 

The late-afternoon pH is 7.5
The midnight pH is 6.7

So, am I correct in thinking that this is probably due to the 
CO2 being depleted by the plants during the day?  I keep the 
filters and airstone on all the time, so that's not influencing it.
No water changes recently (none since last week) so that didn't
effect it either.

Chuck Gadd