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I.D. of E. tenellus

Hi all.  I found what I hope is some E. tenellus (it was not labeled) at an
LFS, but I'm somewhat confused by the pictures I have seen compared to what
I bought.  What I bought looks exactly like the picture of E. tenellus on
the Florida Aquatics poster: http://www.azgardens.com/images/1root8.jpg
Including a couple of runners sticking in the air, and the little "dingle
balls" on the runners.  However, both my Baensch vol 1, and Tropica
(http://www.tropica.dk/images/plants/6760.jpg) show E. tenellus without the
"dingle balls", and with the runners along the ground similiar to L.
brasiliensis.  So what do you think I bought?

BTW, I didn't introduce myself the first time I posted here.  I'm an
engineer from Ventura, CA.  I have recently set-up a 2.5 gal "micro" plant
tank for my office, and my only other currently running tank is my son's 10
gallon which has DIY CO2 and 39 watts of DIY compact fluorescents.  I have
the usual assortment of stem, rooted, and rhizome common plants available
from the LFS, ranging from Hygrophila "Tropic Sunset" to Java Fern.  I also
have a 20 gal tank sitting empty waiting for me to find a good deal on a
stand.  In the past (before plants) I have had the usual assortment of
freshwater tanks ranging in size from 10 gallons to a 50 gallon hex.  I'm
having a great time with both the plants and this list!
jvaline at jps_net