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sword/Newbie looking for help

I have a radican sword, 2 years old in a ~30 something hex on my dinning
room table; also 2 dif smaller amazons.  No co2, 1 7inch+ pleco, (sailfin I
think), half dozen congos & 4 rainbows; very Very heavy aeration, plain
gravel substrate, 1 15watt flourescent bulb from home depot that is GE I
think, plant or aquarium on label.  The tank is about 4 foot from patio
window which faces south/south east & has vertical blinds that are always
drawn but slatted.  Outside box filter, whisper 2 probably.
The Radican grows out the top of the tank & I have to trim it's leaves every
month or 2.  Also have crypts, val & couple others which grow like the water
weeds they are.
I was suprised at the growth rate in tank as I thought plain gravel would
not sustain sword, just didn't have taller warm water tank avail when I got
it.  & yeah I know it's over crowded, it is transient tank - as things
outgrow other tanks they go in there to await permenant housing.  Only
problem I've had is the 'bows getting tumors & I don't *think* it's from the
water as it is problem they are known for, loose em from that even in 55
that had a half dozen.  (55 broke, still haven't replaced as I want 90 or
oh, never fertilize, use R/O & aged water.