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Hi again!

Darin brought up some interesting points.  I started keeping fish alittle 
over a year ago.  I am proud to successfully.  I have always wanted a planted 
tank.  I, of course, would things and then do the research.  It has been a 
very educational year. hahaha
I purchased plants about eight weeks ago and the went to the library.  After 
reading about different substrates, I wanted to change mine.  I didn't want 
to tear down the tank. MY HUSBAND SAYS I MESS WITH IT TO MUCH ANYWAYS. hahaha
Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of money to invest in my hobby.  So, how 
can I have I beautiful tank on a low budget?  Should I reconsider changing 
the substrate?  I am getting alittle discouraged with the problems I am 
having.  Would changing the setup give me better results?  

 I was wondering......Can you put an algae eater in a planted tank?  Or will 
it eat to much of the plants?  I have brown stops growing on my plants.  It 
came from a bad Hornwort.  It is gone now.  Is this a brown algae, that I 
have been hearing about?

in Chicago
Slightly discouraged and Very confused!