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Too Many fish ??

As I recall the amount of fish is 1 inch per gallon.  If the tank with
mechanical and biological filtration it can be as much as 2 inches per
gallon and with plants could be even more.  (would not suggest it
though)  As for cruel.....I believe that he said that most of the fish
were tetras....Which tend to come from South America (I believe).  The
point is that in the Amazon fish are pretty packed together anyways
(from recent talk with someone who has been there and harvested fish
there)  So what is the harm?  As long as the tank has been going a while
and the nitrogen cycle has passed it should be all right.  I would not
add them all at once though as it would tax the biological filtering
organisms.  As for the Algae growth....Anyone knows that you should try
and get rid of the bulk of it before trying to control it with other
means.  Its just easier that way and quicker.
Why don't you clean the bulk of the algae off and add six ottos and see
what happens.  It should not harm your tank.
Remember some fish need space and some like a little crowding.
(especially schooling fish(like tetras))