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Re: calcium carbonate source

Hello all!

 I have recently joined the list, and want to express a big THANK YOU to all
who have helped educate me in the care of aquatic plants. I now have 3 tanks
going, have built my own CO2 reactor and am having a lot of fun!

 Justin was asking about a source of calcium carbonate. Being a reptile
breeder and keeper, I thought about the calcium supplement I use for my
lizards. It isn't cheap (about $7 for 4.1 oz/116 gm) but it is pure calcium
carbonate in very fine powder form. Look for Rep-Cal (NOT Repti-cal) without
Vitamin D3 at the local pet store. I don't know if the D3 would cause any
trouble (I would think not)but no reason to add anything extra if you don't
have too.

(In Renton, WA where the sun is out again!)

Justin wrote in APD #1125


>I've not been able to find calcium carbonate in a powdered form locally,
>am leery of the binders that are used in the tablets found in drug store