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Re:Brown algae

>Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 08:45:45 -0600
>From: "Shannon Wheeler" <swheeler at tnc_ab.ca>
>Subject: Re: Brown Algae out of control!
>You're suggesting he add 13 or more additional fish to a 20g tank that
>already has 25+ ?
>Isn't it recommended that you have 10g / oto? I thought you meant to add
>these as a temporary measure but then you tell him to manually clean as much
>algae as he can first so this is a maintenance recommendation?

I have found from my own experience that brown algae seems to occur in tanks with
low to moderate light levels where the plants can not grow at a fast enough rate
to keep up with high nitrogen and phosphate levels, or excess trace elements.
Increasing the the fish population I wouldnt think would help in this regard. What
worked for me was doing a  very heavy cleaning job, deep cleaning of the substrate
and larger more frequent water changes. I also eventually added additional
lighting to spur quicker plant growth.  In my tanks with high intensity lighting,
I have never had brown algae, although I am constantly battling green algae!

Robert Paul H