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Too many fish in a 29

Hoa suggest people can keep TWO inches of fish per gallon in a 29 gallon
tank. Because they "are so little"
As proof that you can do this he says:
<<<BTW, folks.  I'm not killing the otos in my 1 gallon plant tank
anymore.  They are very happy now and have been enjoying themselves for a
while.  The problem turned out to be the Betta splenden.  He harrassed the
other otos, kept them from doing their job, and probably stressed them to
death.  Removing him and everyone else>>>

Wow, he stopped killing his fish, three Otos in a 1 gallon tank. (for a
while) They do good now because he got rid of the Betta and ALL THE OTHER
FISH that were in the 1 gallon tank.
I know of some poor families where 3 generations live in a 1 bedroom
apartment. They don't die either. Are they happy?
Sorry BUD!
A 29 gallon tank is really quite small. 50 fish is way way too many. No, I
am no going to say IMO.... It is just too many. Cruel comes to mind.
If you really want to keep that many fish, buy a 50 gallon tank. In the long
run they are cheaper than replacing your fish every couple of weeks.
Tony Minneboo
Owner, Angels West
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