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Re: GH and kH from Calcium Hydroxide

Hey, all (again),

First, thanks to all who have replied to my questions. I probably should
have been more specific about the way I'm using calcium hydroxide.  What I
do is add it to my 100 gallon tank by turning off my main circulation pump,
then adding the calcium hydroxide to the 20 gallon sump and allowing my CO2
controller to bring the pH down to 6.8 or so before I restart the main pump.
I haven't had any problems so far, but I've only tried using the chemical a
few times, and in small amounts (1/4 teaspoon with a 15-20 gallon water
change).  I have yet to notice any considerable change in the tank's kH, and
have yet to determine if there is any difference in CO2 concentrations.
I've not been able to find calcium carbonate in a powdered form locally, and
am leery of the binders that are used in the tablets found in drug store
products, so I have been playing with the Ca(OH)2 as a convenient and highly
soluble substitute.  I would use marble chips or oyster shell, but I prefer
being able to directly control the hardness of the water.  Any further
suggestions would be helpful, as I am still determining the best method of
calcium addition for my needs and, as usual, am finding the recent input
extremely helpful.

Justin Collins, in Bellingham, WA where its STILL raining.