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Re: Nature Aquarium Imports/Amano

Hi James and all:

I am still here.  Just been very busy with work over the last 9 months.
Things have slowed down somewhat and I once again find myself with some time
to devote to the hobby.  Here's the scoop on Nature Aquarium Imports and
Amano USA...

Nature Aquarium Imports has essentially stopped doing business.  The
reason...lack of help.  I along with several others tried as long as we
could, but it proved too much to contend with.  The company was just unable
to hire anyone because of slow sales.

We were informed that ADA had struck a deal with another
importer/distributor so NAI shut down.  It was hoped that the new
distributor would take over were NAI left off.  Unfortunately, we have not
heard from ADA or the new distributor.  Consequently, I do not know what the
status of ADA products in the USA will be.

In my opinion, although a few people made a valiant effort, what is really
needed by ADA (and Dupla for that matter) is for an established distributor
to help them out.  In addition, ADA and Dupla need to fully commit
(financially and otherwise) to entering the US market.

I can tell you that NAI still has a sizable inventory of some products.  The
remaining members have decided to conduct a clearance sale over the
internet.  The new limited website will be up within a few days.

Any other questions can be directed directly to me at
agiacosa at earthlink_net.


Art Giacosa