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Re: Micro Plant Tank


I have 6 small planted tanks, ranging in size from 2.5 to 10 gallons.
They're basically set up per Karen Randall's writings (check the
archives, AFM, and maybe Aquarium Frontiers on line). The one's that are
filtered (most aren't), use Whisper Mini's, not internals. The 2.5 & 5.5
gallon ones contain one male Betta and some MTS's. The 10 gallon ones
contain a few small fish like White Clouds, a couple of Cory's, and
Plants are pretty much what you mention. The dwarf Crypt that I use is

Scale your substrate according to the size of the tank. A 2.5 gallon
doesn't need a 3" substrate.

For lighting, most use desk lamps. A few are on a counter, and use a
common 48" shop light, that's approx. 12" above the surface.

I've had less trouble with these tanks, than any of my others. Probably,
because of the low fish load. But more importantly, I leave them alone.

Augie Eppler
Green Cove Springs, Fl.

Jeff Valine wrote:

> Does anyone have any tips for creating a "micro" plant tank?  I have been
> toying with idea of getting a very small rectangular tank, ~2.5 gal, and
> planting it.  I have a spare 13 watt compact fluorescent ballast & 5000K
> bulb, so I can DIY a small strip light.  Non-plant inhabitants would either
> be only a couple of ramshorn snails, or maybe a single betta.  Plant
> inhabitants would be limited to the very poor local selection, probably
> Anubias v. nana, dwarf Sag., or Lilaeopsis.  There may also be smaller
> crypts available, but I'll have to research which of the available ones stay
> small.  I have rarely seen E. tenellus.  I have also considered using a
> small internal "Duetto" filter with a sponge in it to give some mechanical &
> bio filtration, as well as circulation, although I'm not sure I need it.
> Some of my concerns are: 1) once I get the substrate, plants & filter in the
> tank, the actual water volume will be *very* small;  2) with such a small
> system, is it possible to stabilize the water chemistry, or will I be
> fighting one problem after another?
> Experience & opinions are appreciated!