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Plant wasting

	Let me give you some background before I tell you my specific
problem. I have a 180gal open top tank with the following parameters:

pH: 6.75
NH3/4: 0
NO2: 0
NO3: 5 mg/l
CO2 injection
KH 3
GH: 3
temp: 77F
substrate: 4", bottom half is laterite mixed with 2mm gravel, top half is
I don't know the PO4
3 175W pendant halides 4300K

	I have been adding some iron based ferilizer (liquid) and when I
set up the tank, I put some iron rich tablets in the substrate. The make-up
of those tablets otherwise is 0-0-3.

	The tank has been set up now for about 8 weeks. There are about 40
misc small fish (cardinals, saes) and 5 scalares. Also about 30 yamato
numa-ebi. When I first put everything together, there was a good amount of
beard algae but its growth has been kept under control by the shrimp and
the saes.

	I have a couple of pictures that might help you evaluate. I cannot
figure out what is wrong with this plant. The new leave come in very small
and all of the old leaves are dying. This morning I noticed that even one
of the new leaves is getting brown spots. The color seems pretty normal,
even though it looks washed out in the picture. It fluorished when I first
put it in the tank, sending out shoots every week (which I cut off, except
for the one on it right now). The other plants seem fine. This is a marble
queen radican:


	I have another picture of a rubin, just so you can see that the
other plants are ok. You can see the beard algae on some of the plants in
the background but it is just the big old stuff that the fish and shrimp
won't eat. I am in the process of removing it manually.


	Any suggestions? If you need some questions answered before you can
evaluate, let me know and I will try to answer them.

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