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Bleaching Glosso

Like many other fast growing plants- simply cut away infected part to
remove algae.
Bleach is only a last ditch thing and works mainly on Anubias-and other
tough leafed plant with effective results(results that could've been
achieved by trimming off infected part and letting it grow back). I have

used it to rid plants(Anubias -Bolbitis) of some Black brush algae with
good results and I have also burned a few leaves. It almost always melts

and kills stem/fine needled plants.
      Keep CO2, light, and dosing of nutients(fish/food/PMDD etc.)
levels in a good range and this plant will grow back. Bleach is only a
quick fix. It does not solve the long term problem in any way.
SAE's will work better IMO. Big water changes(30-70%) every few days or
weekly keeps the nutrient levels down and fresh trace elements,CO2 to
your tank.
Many of the best looking plant tanks get large water changes on a
regular basis. A few are well balanced and don't require as much water
change(s) also. Given good conditions and alittle patience the plant
will bounce back and leave the bleach in the laundry <g>.
Good luck with the Glosso,
Tom Barr          AGA