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Eheim DIffusor

At 03:48 PM 5/27/99 -0400,  Moishe Wasserman asked:
>Is anyone using an eheim co2 diffusor in cunjunction with yeast/sugar
>co2 method?

Not that I know of and not that I would recommend.  The DIY yeast/sugar CO2 method is capable of the high pressure that an Eheim requires but it would definitely not be safe.   Only to be used if you are an out-of-work painter dying of boredom.

>Can someone please explain to me how it works???  What is the
>approximate cost?

Not clear if you are asking about DIY CO2 or the Eheim, but I will answer for the Eheim.  It is basically just a very fancy airstone that uses a sintered glass disk (tiny glass balls that have been partly fused together) in  place of a piece of porous rock or wood.  It makes smaller bubbles than usual.  The cost is $20-30 including shipping and sales tax, see my sig for details.

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