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Re: Chicago Pet Stores

can't remember to exact addresses for the life of me, but you could always
do a 411 for info. i frequent all of these following places. never had a
problem with these guys, good service too+ACE- SAE's and the shrimp (at least
the yamatos) are frequent visitors to these places.

old town aquarium - pretty nice spiffy place, small though, not exactly the
cheapest place though
on Wells St. about half a block south of North Avenue... not too far from

aquatic world - nice place, one i frequent the most, not as spiffy looking
as the other places but it's large with a good selection, prices are good,
know the address to this one though :)
3054 North Lincoln Avenue... one and a half blocks south of Belmont Avenue

sea shell pet store - this one is in skokie, but this is at the top,
beautiful beautiful (the doubles aren't a mistake :) )place to visit, prices
are about just as good as aquatic world, worth a visit even though you're
going to be staying in the loop. shouldn't be too bad to get too, unlike
what some people may say... chicago has a nice transportation network aka.
CTA... unless is twenty below which is about half of the year :) anyway...
on Skokie Road about half a block south of Gross Point Road

i guess all the good LFSs are between half and one and a half blocks south
of some street :)
have fun... if you need CTA directions to these places just email me