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RE: Moving a 20 gallon Tank

William Cwirla asked about moving a planted tank (drained of most of its
water) and Jamie Johnson replied with problems he encountered when trying to
do that.

Maybe the conditions we had were a little different than Jamie's because we
had no problems doing that.

Last yr. my wife wanted to enter a planted tank in our local 'fish show'.
But since she wouldn't have much time on the day of setup, she wanted to
plant it at home.  The tank was an 18 gal. (same footprint as a 20H) with
about 2" of gravel.  It had been set up for about a year at that point, so
it had its share of mulm.  First she moved/added/removed various plants.
Then on setup day, we drained all but around a 1/2 inch of water (after
removing the fish), carefully moved the tank from the stand to a piece of
3/4" plywood, and carried it into the back of a station wagon.  Drove about
7 miles to the show and placed the tank and plywood onto the stands.
Refilled the tank and replaced the fish.  Did the reverse once the show was
over, except the plywood is still under the tank at our house.

I don't recall the water splashing out of the tank, and we didn't do much to
the tank once we refilled the water, except to straighten out some of the

Plants that I remember were in there were various anubias, ludwigia, dwarf
saggitaria, and vallisneria.

She won second place (judges said "not enough fish"), so I guess it looked

I guess the differences are that we left much less water in the tank and
removed "all" the fish (we actually found a catfish in the tank when we got
home, who didn't seem to be bothered by the experience).

Good luck,
Wade Shimoda