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Re: Moving 20G / CO2 problems

Two birds with one stone:

<FontFamily><param>Comic Sans MS</param>William wrote:<FontFamily><param>Arial</param>

<color><param>7F00,0000,0000</param><FontFamily><param>Comic Sans MS</param>> Does anyone out there have any advice on moving a planted 20 gallon tank?  The

> tank's never look better, and I'd hate to tear it down if I don't have to. 

</color><FontFamily><param>Arial</param>I know where you're coming from, William, but bad news, I think 
you'll be a lot better off tearing it down. I've moved mine on several 
occassions over the past ten years, and it'll make a mess. The 
couple of inches of water will slosh back and forth with braking and 
accelerating, and will stir up everything you've got. I've tried it with 
more water and less water, with nasty outcomes nearly everytime. 
When I finally got it relocated, I had to tear it down then just to get 
order restored. Fish mulm will fill your water and settle on 
everything, and the sloshing motion will probably take a toll on 
some of your more delicate plants. The fish don't really dig it, 
neither. It's heartbreaking to look at such a mess! Hope that helps, 
it comes from experience.

Dinyar is having CO2 problems:

<color><param>7F00,0000,0000</param><FontFamily><param>Comic Sans MS</param>> I've been using 1 cup white sugar to 1 teaspoon yeast, with a dash of baking

> soda. 

</color><FontFamily><param>Arial</param>Dinyar, try 2 cups sugar to 1/2 tsp. yeast, brewers preferrably, and 
you should be in business. I can get 5-6 weeks out of that mixture. 
I use two bottles in series with a three week rotation, that way I 
always have a steady flow with no "dead' time.

>If I shake or <italic>squeeze</italic> the bottle gently, a flurry of bubbles<italic> 
></italic><FontFamily><param>Comic Sans MS</param>reappears, but then it dies again.

<FontFamily><param>Arial</param>Squeezing a glass bottle :-0... You should try to use glass, plastic 
may get you an unwanted mess. Better safe than sorry.


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