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banana plants

I've asked this on rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants twice but haven't received
any answers. I've also checked dejanews, The Krib, and several FAQs:

I finally found some banana plants at my LFS. They wanted 3.99 each for them
even though there were no leaves or stems - just the banana bunch part.
Since I was buying ~30.00 worth of fish I got them to throw one in for free.

Now, the problem is, which end is up? Since there's no stem, just a point
where the bananas are attached together, I'm not entirely sure which end
faces up. I'm guessing the loose ends of the bananas point down and
something should grow from where they are joined right?

I have them in a 10g with about 35W CF, sand and gardening topsoil for
substrate, and DIY CO2 (which I can't seem to keep bubbling for more than a
couple of days). There's no heater since the CFs seem to keep the water in
the high 70's (F). Mostly I just want to know which way to plant it and if
it still doesn't grow I'll look to other causes.

The other plants (especially the sword or some sort) do OK. I get about 2
6inch leaves a week from the sword.