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re: Moving a 20 gallon Tank

I've only ever moved a 10g. I drained it down to about 1" above the 1" of
gravel, carried it in my arms to the back seat of a car, drove 10miles,
carried it in my arms to it's new setting.

This was all before I knew what I was doing as I moved it with the fish
still in it :-) The only sign of stress was that there were around 30 guppy
fry in the tank at the end of the move which hadn't been there before.

I think that if you can get your tank onto the plywood you'll be OK. Maybe
you'll want to drain it all the way at least for a few seconds while moving
it onto your plywood, then put an inch or two of water back?


>Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 16:19:38 -0700
>From: William Cwirla <wcwirla at earthlink_net>
>Does anyone out there have any advice on moving a planted 20 gallon tank?
>tank's never look better, and I'd hate to tear it down if I don't have to.
>I'm considering draining the water down to about 2-3 inches above the
>line then lifting the tank onto a double thickness plywood board.  The move
>only 2 miles up the road and shouldn't involve more than about 45 minutes
>down time.
>Am I courting disaster here?  Am I risking structural damage to the tank?